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      Gas flow rate measurement in low-quality multiphase flows using Venturi and gamma raydownload
      A new correlation of wet gas flow for low pressure with a vertically mounted Venturi meterdownload
      A new model for volume fraction measurements of horizontal high-pressure wet gas flow using gamma-based techniquesdownload
      (Haimo)MPFM Response and Validation in Heavy Oil Wellsdownload
      Evaluation of the 3 inch Haimo MPFM in DODdownload
      Field Validation and Long-term Performance Monitoring of MPFM at Very High GVF and High Pressure Conditionsdownload
      Validation of MPFM Performance on Gas Lifted Wells Rev3download
      Field Experience and Performance of Wet Gas Meterdownload
      Is it MUST to add Upstream Devices for High GVF Multiphase?download
      Pertroleum Development Oman(PDO) experience in Well Testing at High GVF and High Pressure Conditionsdownload
      New Development in Water Cut Meter with Salinity Compensationdownload
      Multiphase Flow Meters: Experience and Assessment in PDOdownload
      High-Water Cut:Exprience and Assessment in PDOdownload
      Validation of a 16''Bulk meter for Allocation meteringdownload
      Low Production Tester(LPT)download